KXAN: Venue owned by famous Texas BBQ family under investigation over construction runoff




DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — One of the biggest names in Texas barbeque is facing a new challenge.

The Black family’s planned wedding venue is under investigation by the city of Dripping Springs and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Neighbors of “Black Ranch” say construction run-off has flowed into a nearby creek. Some have been against the project from the start.


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On May 14, 2019, in the creek between Mark Black Wedding Venue project and the Ila Creek subdivision, Hays County, TX

No rainfall today.

And yet:




Photo credits:

All photos taken by Dr. Carlos Torres-Verdin in the morning, Tuesday May 14, 2019, as he stood on his property, looking into the creek that runs between the Mark Black Wedding Venue project and Ila Creek.

If you’d like to let TCEQ know what you think, or to ask simply “what is going on with our creek? what is in that water? why is this the second time this is happening?” etc. then:



Upstream photo below, taken 11:35am on May 14, 2019, by Jeanine Christensen, while standing in the Radiance community greenbelt:


If you get your water from a well that draws from the Trinity Aquifer, please read this

Kyle City Council unanimously condemns Permian Highway Pipeline, requests immediate legislative action


Hundreds attend Permian Highway Pipeline meeting in Wimberley

CI EXCLUSIVE: Zwiener discusses proposed Permian Highway Pipeline, Hays County priorities ahead of 86th Texas legislative session

Petition: Designate Texas Ranch-to-Market Roads 1826, 150 and 967 “Scenic Highways”

Here’s what our petition says:

From the wildflowers that Lady Bird Johnson adored, to the dramatic rise and fall of tree-covered limestone hills in the Texas Hill Country, our country roads are a treasure. Texas Ranch to Market Roads 1826, 150 and 967 reward travelers with natural vistas, cool clear creeks, and wide open skies filled with stars, sunrises, and sunsets every day.

We the undersigned want to keep the Texas Hill Country SCENIC.

Central Texas is experiencing explosive growth. Data from The U.S. Census Bureau shows Hays County is the 4th fastest-growing county in the United States (see https://communityimpact.com/austin/san-marcos-buda-kyle/city-county/2018/03/22/hays-county-ranked-4th-fastest-growing-county-country/ ).

The increase in the number of motorists along our Ranch to Market roads has triggered a proliferation of billboards on our roads. Billboards are not mere eyesores: their lighting endangers human health and pollutes the night skies that are iconic to this region of Texas.

Further, healthy Texans are productive Texans. We need our nighttime dark. Light pollution has a direct negative bearing on human health and circadian rhythms:

Artificial lights at night don’t just affect people. Wildlife is also affected negatively, with impacts on migration and reproduction:

Last but not least, billboards may have a negative impact on property values of nearby homes and neighborhoods.

For these reasons, we ask the Texas Legislature to acknowledge the value of these roads we love by designating Texas Ranch to Market Roads 1826, 150 and 967 as “Scenic Highways” in Hays County.

We ask the 86th Legislature to help preserve the scenic beauty and character of Ranch to Market Roads 1826, 150 and 967 by supporting legislation that keeps the beauty of the Texas Hill Country intact.

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.
May they be so, forever.

If you agree, please sign our petition here:


SM Corridor News: Commissioners Approve Resolution In Support Of Legislation To Prohibit Billboards On Highways In Hays County



Commissioners considered and approved the adoption of a resolution in support of Rep. Erin Zwiener’s House Bill 1303, which will add several highways in Hays County to a list of roadways where billboards will be prohibited.

The bill will add FM 1826, RM 150 and RM 967 to Section 391, Subchapter 1, of the Transportation Code, which lists certain state highways in Texas in which limitations on off-premise signage exist. …


Austin American Statesman: U.S. Judge rebuffs George P. Bush endangered species de-listing effort


The Golden Cheeked Warbler continues to be a federally protected endangered species.

Here’s a map of Golden Cheeked Warbler habitat in Central Texas:

Figure 1. Map inset shows (in red) the top 100 fastest
growing cities in the U.S. in golden-cheeked warbler
habitat breeding range.
Photo credit: USFWS



Find out more about this shy migratory bird, and why it’s important:





KXAN: Neighbors file suit against Terry Black’s BBQ wedding venue



DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) — The dispute continues between Hays County residents and one of the biggest names in Texas barbeque.

The Black family, behind Terry Black’s barbeque in Austin, has purchased property near Dripping Springs with the hopes of turning it into a large wedding venue. Neighbors have fought the project before, but now they have filed a lawsuit.