2002-2004 FA Settles Lawsuit with DS

Successful Settlement of Litigation with Dripping Springs.
This helps to achieve the following:
1) City of Dripping Springs is asked to participate in Regional Water Quality Planning efforts and City takes a lead role in the successful completion of the Plan.
2) Illegal clauses in the two subject development agreements are amended. Both development agreements now comply with State statutes.
3) The City adopts an Ethics Ordinance.
4) The City hires new City Attorney.

2004 – 2005 FA helps with Regional Water Quality Plan

Numerous members of the FA help develop the Regional Water Quality Plan.

2002 – 2004 FA assigned P&Z; seats

Three FA members are assigned to DS P&Z.;

2003 FA President Assigned to ECT Board

FA represents portion of Hays County on Envision Central Texas Board of Directors.
FA area has the highest survey response turnout in the five county region, besting the regional response rate by a factor of four.

2003 Two FA Members elected to HTGCD

Two FA Board members are elected to two of five seats on the Hays-Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. Here they will work to protect our water resource and hopefully ensure that homeowners on wells today can remain on wells tomorrow. See our link list for their website.

2004 FA joins HCA

The Hill Country Alliance asks FA to be represented on their Board. The FA and HCA have similar goals and concerns as regards growth in The Hill Country.
See our link list for their website address.